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Name: Psientífica – Associação para a Promoção e Desenvolvimento Social

Address: Praceta das Chãs, Loja G; 3750-113 Águeda – Portugal

Phone number: 234 661 371





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Description of the institution:

Psientífica - Association for the Promotion and Social Development is a non-profit association created by a group of young professionals in the area of Education and Psychology in 2005. Since then it has developed actions, national and international projects and has been part of local, regional and international partnerships in order to promote the social development of their community, mostly of their youth.

Psientífica believes in a holistic approach towards youth: as our intervention is based on non formal education (NFE), it helps the development of social and personal competences that are essential to the exercise of an active and responsible citizenship, capable of social change.



 a) Águeda Youth Centre has the goal to disseminate information and create dynamics for the Youth of Águeda Municipality. It has a strong network among public institutions and associations of Águeda, supporting projects in these intitutions, with Psientífica’s staff know how.

b) Solid partnership for years with the Municipality and schools of the region for the promotion of physical education, languages, emotions, mathematical thinking and arts in early childhood (6-9 years old), in the field of Curricular Enrichment Activities.

c) Experience of implementing with success both national and international projects in the field of youth. We believe they reinforce the association's concern to promote the development of entrepreneurial attitudes, active and responsible citizens, capable of assuming themselves as European citizens, aware of their role and the interculturality of the European Union. Since the start, the association has developed partnerships with local and European institutions, with the ultimate objective of promoting the sharing of good practices in the field of youth and providing the youth of the region with enriching experiences at various levels and contact with other worldviews.