IO3- Handbook of guidance practices social justice-focused

The handbook is a practical reference that will allow other organizations of the adult education system to  apply social justice-focused guidance practices into concrete contexts. It consists of a collection of contextualized guidance practices developed  by SO_JUST partnership during the experiential learning paths tested in the Learning Curriculum for social justice-oriented guidance (IO2). It is composed by:

1) practices and tools for implementation social justice-focused guidance;

2) indications and action strategies to create the conditions so that attention to social justice in guidance practices is legitimized and adopted even beyond the single educator/guidance counsellor;

3) guiding criteria for the recognition of social justice-focused guidance interventions within the AE organizations

The handbook has three macro-objectives:

1) guiding, those involved in adult migrants low-qualiefied guidance processess, to translate social justice theory into practice and make social-justice guidance operational;

2) facilitating the recognition and transparency of  social justice practices.

3) supporting that process of change, strongly suggested by EU research and documents, aimed at expanding the traditional role models of educators devoted to social justice from "scientist-practitioner" to "scientist-practitioner-advocate" (Fassinger and Gallor, 2006; Burwell and Kalbfleisch, 2007).